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Gordon Gower

Hi, I'm Gordon Gower. Welcome to my profile!

Veteran* social & digital business professional; equipped with a boat-load of ideas & enthusiasm; 20+ years experience and demonstrated success in implementing innovative strategies & tactics for start-ups through to large-scale projects for established Fortune 500 companies. A comprehensive idea-generator and problem solver with experience and a studied interest in a wide variety of markets (inhale :)


o digital business strategy & tactics
o business operations & management 
o social marketing ideas & deployment
o customer acquisition/retention
o e-commerce... let's sell this stuff!

"...Gordon was driving sales through social media before most people had even created their own Facebook profiles." --George Emerson, worked with Gordon at Geneva Lab & Internet Sports Network

"Gord was a director who seemed to always be thinking ahead." --James Anderson, worked with Gordon at Internet Sports Network

"Gordon is an open, honest and forward-thinking leader." --Diana Galligan, worked with Gordon Mackerel

*vet?er?an - [vet-er-uhn, ve-truhn]; noun: 1. a person who has had long service or experience in an occupation, office, or the like: a veteran of online communications; a veteran of many campaigns. 2. a warrior who has served in battle Synonyms: adept, disciplined, exercised, expert, inured, knows one's stuff, long-serving, not born yesterday, practical, practiced, pro, proficient, skilled, sophisticated, steady, trained, up to speed, versed, wise Origin: 1495-1505: Latin veteranus - mature, experienced 

Gordon Gower's Background

Gordon Gower's Experience

Founding Director, NA Operations / Internet Marketing & Ecommerce at Geneva Lab USA

June 2005 - November 2011

North American division of G-Lab Innovations, a Zurich based manufacturer of luxury lifestyle products. The founding member of the US operation, my role was to define and implement all channels. Established the online presence, retail network, marketing, sales and fulfillment operation. Given a set of sketches and objectives, I designed and developed a profitable e-commerce operation through Responsibilities included: o contracting, managing and directing site developers & designers o establishing merchant & banking facility o researching, contracting & managing 3PO warehousing and fulfillment operations o initiating, designing & managing all marketing and advertising programs including PPC, SEO, affiliate, advertising, social networking and direct o establishing & managing the customer service and loyalty programs o managing the design, implementation & the re-tooling of the e-retail site on an ongoing basis o overseeing the localization of to suite our global network of regional distributors in over 35 countries o overseeing the migration of business management systems to Netsuite Established the Geneva Lab USA's bricks & mortar wholesale distribution network including over 100 retailers with over 300 "doors". Responsibilities included: o developing the wholesale business model o establishing pricing structures to allow for profitability in our wholesale operations o creating systems to track and manage profitability over the retail network o managing inventory requirements, overseeing forecasting & ordering over a 5 month production cycle o managing importation warehousing and retail fulfillment o working closely with our partners to ensure adherence to brand guidelines and sales and marketing practices both in store and online Key retailers included Amazon, The Apple Store, Crate and Barrel, Design Within Reach, Barney's, Saks 5th Avenue along with dozens of independent design and consumer electronics specialty shops.

Consultant at Internet Marketing, Advertising and Business Management

May 2001 - December 2006

Working with a variety of companies, I consulted on a variety of digital media projects which included: o developing business plans and strategies o marketing proposals o developing proposals for site design and interface architecture Key Projects: Intimo Fashions - Re-engineering Online Retail Operations Intimo is a manufacturer of luxury men's apparel; primarily a traditional, manufacturer wholesale operation. I was hired as a consultant to breath new life into their existing online channel. I oversaw the complete overhaul of the design of the site, established the design guidelines for the creation of all media assets and migrated the site to a more robust and appropriate e-commerce engine. I managed the day to day operations and marketing including email, google SEO; I prepared the requirements for hiring a permanent site management team. INTERAC Multimedia - Sales Support Consultant INTERAC was a New Jersey based boutique branding and internet media design company. I worked with INTERAC primarily as a sales consultant, developing proposals for potential clients including HP, DHL, Sharp and various start-ups in NYC area. Luda Tovey & Associates Inc. - Various Design and Development Consulting Contracts LTA was a Toronto based internet design and development company focused primarily on IT service and business services Industries. I worked on proposals and projects with LTA as called upon from 2000 through 2006. These projects ranged from developing site "geography", drafting competitive analysis through to designing site architecture and interface design.

Dir. Client/Partner Relationships at ISN - SportsRocket &

July 1999 - July 2000

SportsRocket and LetsPlay were providers of online, social games and activities, distributed through our own sites, re-packaged, branded and distributed through partner sites to drive return visits and advertising revenue. My role included: o working with in-house game developers to create and customize games to suit our partners marketing objectives. o acting as the primary conduit between the partner and the development team o working with our partners to match our product offerings to their marketing programs

Customer Aquisitions & Marketing Director at Apollo Interactive - "simply... nsfw"

November 1997 - July 1998

Founding Partner, President, CEO at Mackerel - "the bleeding edge of social media"

June 1987 - August 1996

Mackerel was a pioneering interactive media design and marketing company. Started well before digital media migrated to the internet, Mackerel developed some of the earliest examples of interactive content, educational, entertainment and marketing programs. Mackerel was recognized as a leader, and won multiple awards for design and innovation. After developing a HyperCard based program to market our own design services, we found ourselves working "first interactives" with companies such as Microsoft, Simon & Schuster, Toyota USA and AOL. My roles grew from interface designer, client liaison, operations manager through to executive responsibilities, seeking financing and forging strategic partnerships to grow the company. I was lucky to have hired and worked with the over 50 design and programming professionals, many of whom are to this day considered the top talent at the companies they now work with.

Consulting as Thinker, Planner, Chief GoGo'er & DoDo'er at GoGo Consulting

November 2011 - Present | Canada

Mashing up the playbook... continuously re-jigging and re-thinking how best to sell a product, a services in a constantly shifting digital marketplace; this social marketplace. about you? Working in a number of categories with key individuals and creative consultants to define how best to apply digital/social practices, specifically, how can social media enhance the bottom line; categories have included, health, insurance, extended care and e-retail. ...a good place to start: o who owns the relationship with your customer? --who pulls the trigger? (who resets the target?) o what is your core business objective? --what activity/action triggers the transaction? An invitation... If you have a killer social media strategy in place, I'd love to speak with you, perhaps we can make it better. If your social media strategy is flailing, I'd love to speak with you, perhaps through our conversation, we will each learn something and get to that one idea and positively alter your course. ...conversation, after all, is the key element in social... and, as you know, the seriously fruitful conversations require far more than 140 characters. Some thoughts on all of this: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consulting as VP Business Ideation & Implementation o bajoom April 2012 - Present bajoom is a social wellness platform addressing: o how social can be more tailored, meaningful & involve us in more worthwhile pursuits o how social can overcome the problems inherent with attempts to commercialize o how we can we do better role at bajoom includes: o strategic consulting, including business plan & sales strategy o marketing and user acquisition program development. o developing the brand strategy. o formation of corporate and business structure. o generating corporate partnership and development deals. o ad infinitum...

Gordon Gower's Education

Ontario College of Art and Design

1980 – 1982


East Northumberland Secondary School

1977 – 1981


Concentration: General

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